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About Us

Dravam drives quality to fluid business

We are surrounded by fluids, in the atmosphere, water bodies and even our very bodies constitute majority of fluids.  The advent of machinery is widely regarded as the inception of environmental pollution, be it via exhaust emissions or waste liquids. Whilst there are several schools of thought on sustainability and environmental protection, Dravam’s take onto combating pollution is unique. 

Machines have become an integral part of our lives, and we cannot get rid of them, but we can run them cleaner by monitoring their ‘fluids’. Dravam’s AI-augmented continuous monitoring of fluid quality shall provide smart diagnostics onto the health of machinery and their by-products, facilitating timely interventions with actionable insights. 

Dravam’s approach towards making a sustainable impact is to utilize ‘technology’ to clean up the mess created by ‘technology’, boosting operational efficiencies, augmenting fluid quality, fuelling business  and environmental ecosystems. 


dRSCAN is developed based on Dravam’s core technology – a patented method of detecting & analysing fluid contamination during flow in pipelines.

Analogous to an MRI scan, dRSCAN “scans” the complete flow for changing properties due to contaminants. This potentially provides real-time early detection solution for change in the fluid quality throughout the entire flow transfer. The complete data log of the fluid quality during the transfer operations, offers actionable insights, such as targeted sample testing of the fluid, or diversion of the “questionable” fluid batch to avoid further mixing.

It is currently being affiliated to bunker tanker & receiving ships in the Maritime sector.


Markets we serve

Continuous scanning of fluid composition is essential to several industries, where fluids play vital roles in operating machinery either as fuel or for maintaining performance. The core technology of DRAVAM is applicable to a number of markets with a wide variety of applications.

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