About Us

Why Dravam

dravaṁ ( द्रवम् translates to fluid (any substance that flows) in Hindi.  With the core teams’ technical epicentre located in fluid systems, it is only apt to name this journey ‘Dravam’, as we extract data to monitor the quality of  ‘fluid – Dravam’, fueling business and creating sustainable impact to environment. 

Who is Dravam

Dravam is a data-centric company, developing intelligent quality monitoring solutions for fluid flow systems. Utilising AI-augmented, fundamental frictional gradient measurements, Dravam’s solutions acquire, analyse and provide continuous insights on fluid quality.

Continuous monitoring of fluid properties are aimed at developing predictive maintenance solutions with actionable insights for various industrial segments. Through our products we aim to create a sustainable impact to businesses and environmental ecosystems

How we began​

Dravam was founded by Vivek and Derrick, to address fuel quality issues in Maritime bunkering sector. They drew upon their combined experience in multiphase flows, process instrumentation, data acquisition and analytics to develop early versions of the core technology. Dravam has been fortunate to have received funding support from MPA, ESG and NUS – GRIP. 

Dravam’s first tech, dRSCAN, has undergone rigorous testing under controlled scenarios, in collaboration with fuel testing laboratories. With early positive results, we are delivering our product, dRBUNKER which incorporates the dRSCAN tech,  to bunker tankers operating in Singapore.

Dravam shall expand into markets where the core technology can be adapted and deployed to bring measurable benefits, while reducing harmful effects onto the environment. Our solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Quality monitoring of marine fuels
  • Characterizing fuel quality in tanks of vessels
  • Quality monitoring of lubricants
  • Prediction of exhaust emissions 
  • Prediction of engine performance 
  • Monitoring quality of industrial fluids
  • Monitoring contamination of effluents

What defines us

Dravam’s primary goal is to create a sustainable impact onto the environment, through it’s 3 primary cogs of People, Technology and Partnerships.

People come first and form the primary cog in our company’s running and going forward Company is where like-minded people come together to develop great products and solutions. Dravam is represented by her people, and the quality of their work. Our clients are our greatest motivation and drive to develop innovative products and solutions, to ensure we can add value to our client’s business.

Technology is our middle cog that differentiates us in our product and solution innovation, and connects us to our customers. Dravam’s team continuously develops and hones the ability to extract information from conventional flow equipment to deduce the fluid property utilizing state-of-the-art AI techniques. It is this tech, that will be deployed onto several product offerings to a wide spectrum of industries.

Partnerships form the last cog that fuels our business in reaching out to create impact and sustainability. Dravam aims to work with like-minded organizations, forming partnerships to deploy integrated solutions efficiently and effectively. Dravam aims to enable clients and partners to drive and develop their business sustainably. Together, we work to create an impact onto the environment to leave behind a cleaner world for the coming generations.

What drives us

Our Vision

Quality fluid businesses fuelling a sustainable environment.

Our Mission

  • To consistently develop innovative monitoring solutions for improved handling of fluid assets.

  • To continually improve fluid data accuracy for enhanced operational efficiencies of machinery.

  • To aggregate machinery data transparency for accelerated businesses growth within market

Who we are

Dr. Vivek Premanadhan

CEO​, Founder

Vivek is a PhD graduate from National University of Singapore. Having co-constructed the largest multiphase testing facility in South-East Asia, he has good instrumentation expertise and is an experienced researcher into salient industrial problems and challenges. He has spent more than 7 years in R&D and has developed several algorithms to detect flow patterns and pipelines losses due to interactions between the multiple phases, aimed at addressing flow assurance challenges in long distance transportation pipelines.

Vivek is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dravam, responsible for the overall running of the company, from business development, sales and marketing, product development to technology research.

Derrick Lee

Finance/HR Director, Founder

Derrick has over 10 years’ experience in early-stage start-up investment and management. To mention a few of the successful pre-seed and seed investments are Patsnap and Shopback. With 15 years of prior experience in oil and gas instrumentation and project management, Derrick was mentoring Vivek in Dravam’s initial conceptualization of the business. When the company was incorporated, Derrick joined Dravam as Co-Founder to guide Vivek in building the startup and validating the business value proposition. 

Derrick continues to advice the Company in her business strategy and development, and he manages the Company’s Finance and HR operations.

Dr. Shyam Sundar Dhanabalan

Tech and Data Lead

Shyam is one of the few data science leads who can span across all aspects of data from upstream data management till downstream data science applications. While being a hands on data scientist himself, he strongly puts the focus more towards data foundations and value generation rather than jumping the gun on data science. Shyam has previously built teams from scratch and is passionate about building the right team that delivers the right impact to the business. 

Shyam is extremely passionate about focusing on value generation rather than pure technological feats – a reason why he gave up the academic career path and chose one where he can create an larger impact on both people and products. Shyam is deeply involved in developing the data driven products and managing and mentoring Dravam’s data team. 


Maritime Advisor & Mentor

Dr Bireshwar Kumar is a seasoned business leader and consulting professional. He started his career as a sea-going officer before diversifying into management consulting, supply chain advisory, process improvement and go-to-market strategist. He currently conceptualises and develops industry-relevant solutions using emerging technologies. In his current role as a Business Development Director at Voyager Worldwide, he is actively working on providing data-driven navigation solutions to increase efficiency and cost-saving for maritime clients. His extensive knowledge is gained through 20 years in maritime and consulting roles and formal coursework. He is a gold medallist from SP Jain Center of Management 2007 MBA Cohort and recently completed his Doctorate in Business Administration.

Jamaludin Saad​

Project/ Business Lead​

Jamal has more than 30 years’ experience in the Process Instrumentation and Automation Industries, with very diverse skill sets in both Project Management and Business Development.  He started as a Piping / Instrument Engineer in 1988 and rose to took on multiple roles as Project Manager of multi-million dollars projects in Offshore Marines, Upstream Oil & Gas and Marine Sectors, and Vice President of Sales and Project Delivery in Offshore Marines industries..

Trained in Project Management Professional (PMP) and SCRUM Project Management, Jamal is competent to manage and execute marine projects effectively, to deliver the projects within schedule and cost for Dravam.

Having spent the last 14 years in the Offshore Marines industries, Jamal has developed wide business and partnership networks, in Asia Pacific and Middle East.  Jamal will be helping Dravam to develop and expand our business into the regions.

Chethan Sathian

Software Engineer

Chethan is Dravam’s go to guy to set up a software from scratch. Although young, He is an experienced software developer. Prior to joining Dravam, He co-founded a software consultation firm by the name of Common Sense Software Solutions LLP in Kerala, India under which he has successfully delivered over 10 software consultation projects which ranges from cross-platform mobile apps to enterprise software.

In Dravam, Chethan plays the role of a full stack software engineer, supporting the data team in development, deployment and maintenance of both backend and front-end software infrastructures.

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