dRENGINE is a tool for vessel operators to obtain optimal operating conditions for marine engines, by providing continuous scan of fuel quality during flow to engine. dRENGINE consists of a pipe segment coupled with conventional flow instrumentation fitted onto a fuel line downstream of service tank. The flow data is stored and processed both on premise, providing real time information to crew, as well on cloud to provide insights on fuel batches over time. Utilising this dual pronged approach to understanding fuel quality facilitates pre-emptive intervention by the crew for optimising operational efficiencies and preventing unexpected maintenance shut downs.

Built upon robust validated algorithms and data from dRBUNKER-B and dRBUNKER-S deployments, dRENGINE, can provide continuous monitoring on critical quality parameters, combined together to form a quality index of the fuel flow. The system is designed to monitor and alert the crew of short transient events of contaminant floods, which are often seen during batch changes or stop-start scenarios. With the newer compliant blends degrading with time, dRENGINE’s continuous monitoring solution provides for a comprehensive scan of the fuel before final purification systems, facilitating timely interventions by crew for any anomalies.



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