dRSHIP is Dravam’s product offering to the shipping industry, to monitor the bunker fuel transfer to the vessel’s storage tanks. dRSHIP is designed as a portable pipeline adaptor, which shall be brought onto the vessel and installed onto the bunker manifold of the receiving ship, during bunkering. The bunker hose and the drip sampling kit can be installed at the free flange. 

dRSHIP utilises dRSCAN tech, to comprehensively scan the fuel transfer for contaminants. The process data shall be time-stamped and stored in a data acquisition unit (DAU), which then be wirelessly uploaded to Dravam’s cloud service for analysis.

dRSHIP is offered as Analysis-as-a-Service, whereby the portable skid is brought onto the vessel only for the bunkering operation. No modifications are required on the vessel. 


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