Marine Fuel Consultancy

Dravam’s fuel consulting includes years of industry expertise with fuel testing run to ISO 8217 standards. In an era where the dynamics of fuel properties are changing with new environmental regulations, it is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of marine fuel quality.

The Dravam fuel testing and consultancy network provides both

  1. Conventional laboratory testing data analysis
  2. Continuous monitoring fuel quality data analysis systems and analysis
  3. In-house testing of fuels in Dravam’s flow lines to understand ageing effects of fuel oil batches.

Project Management

Dravam’s experienced team is highly capable of managing projects in flow systems in the marine and offshore sectors with project experience in

  1. Flow instrumentation
  2. Piping design and analysis
  3. Flow systems analysis
  4. Data gathering and communications
  5. Certification and classification of piping systems

Recent Project

Dravam installed the World’s first continuous quality monitoring system on board of a bunker tanker. This involved our expert team retrofitting the bunker tanker’s cargo line with operation being carried out in Anchorage.

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