dRSCAN is Dravam’s AI-augmented data analytics platform, which shall be implemented onto Dravam’s product offering, currently to the bunkering and shipping sectors. dRSCAN is built on over 7 years of research into multiphase flows and flow pattern recognition algorithm, to detect and analyse contaminants in marine fuel oils during flow in pipelines. dRSCAN’s algorithms have undergone rigorous training, under controlled testing conditions in Dravam’s lab facility and also have been benchmarked against lab test reports from fuel testing laboratories. 


    1. Scanner Dashboard

    Batch analysis of fuel flow

    High fidelity estimation of contaminants

    Amount of fuel that has contamination

    Alert Notification of off-spec

    2. Datalog Dashboard

    Log of the processed data

    Accuracies and probability of estimates are included

    Anomaly reports

    Accessible to ship’s operational crew and ship management

    Database of fuel bunkered

    3. Insights Dashboard

    Analysis of bunker fuel quality

    Profile the fuel bunkered during loading and delivery

    Types & quantity of contaminants

    Traceability of contamination

    4. Prediction Dashboard

    AI based prediction, trained on deliberate contamination

    Probability of the blend (Sludging & Depositing wax)

    Estimating shelf life of fuel

    Value Proposition

    Detect & Deter Bunkering Anomalies

    dRSCAN shall facilitate automated detection of anomalies in fuel quality, such as excess water or high sludge content. The method is aimed at eventually deterring any bunkering malpractices and promote transparent operations.

    Improved handling of fuel on board

    With more complete and quick information, the crew can take informed decisions on how best to handle and consume the fuel onboard the vessel. This shall facilitate in predictive maintenance of the vessel systems and improve safety to vessel and crew onboard.

    Increased assurance on quality of fuel

    With a comprehensive scan report on fuel quality to and from the tanks, suppliers can now provide increased assurance to their buyers, which shall drive the bunkering business with increased efficiencies and transparent operations.


    Real time monitoring

    o Detecting contaminants during transfer
    o Speeds up decision making process

    Continuous Scanning

    o Monitor quality of full bunker transfer
    o Detecting and deferring any bunkering malpractice

    Seamless Integration

    o Non-intrusive
    o No change to operations

    Decoupled System

    o Replaceable hardware
    o Upgradable software

    Reporting System

    o Management directly updated without middlemen

    Validated Algorithms

    o Algorithms validated against laboratory methods

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